Social Studies Fair projects are classified using three descriptors: Division, Category and Type.

First, identify your division.

  • Division I (3-5)
  • Division II (6-8)
  • Division III (9-12)

Next, select the category that interests you the most.

1.  Anthropology

2.  Economics

3.  Geography

4.  Political Science

5.  Psychology

6.  Sociology

7.  State and Local Studies

8.  U.S. History

9.  World History / International Studies

Finally, determine the type of presentation you want to create and deliver.

  • Individual - Only one person worked on the project and will present it alone.
  •  Small Group - Two to five students worked on project and will present the project together.


Individual Work
If you work alone, you must remember that you will be doing all of the work by yourself. Working alone can be beneficial because you can manage your own time and make all of the decisions about the project without consulting with anyone else. You will give your oral presentation to the judges by yourself. 

Working With a Group
If you decide to collaborate with a group, there will be one or more other students working with you. Together you will choose the theme to be investigated as well as the process of research, the materials for your display, and your methods of communication and presentation to the judges. You should work together to write out a schedule for the completion of different responsibilities and your meeting times. Having these things written down will prevent misunderstandings later on and will help you meet your deadlines. Working with others is fun and you have the creativity, talents, and knowledge of others to improve the project. You will learn from each other. Each student is required to deliver a part of the presentation in a small group project (traditional or international).

Whether working alone or in a group, be prepared because sometimes things do not get finished on time due to unforeseen emergencies. You must plan ahead and plan to finish before the deadline. That way, if you need extra time then you will have it.

Judging Different Divisions, Categories and Types
When a project is judged at the State Fair, it will compete against other projects of the SAME Division, Category and Type. For example, a Division III individual project in U.S. History will compete only against other Division III individual projects in U.S. History.

Date: April 26, 2019
Charleston Civic Center

Time Event
8:00 AM -
9:00 AM
Project Setup
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM Opening Assembly
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM JUDGING
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM LUNCH
1:00 PM -
3:00 PM
JUDGING (Continued)
3:00 PM -
4:30 PM
Afternoon Break
4:30 PM -    5:15 PM Public Viewing of Projects  
Winning projects will be identified with ribbons and stickers.
5:15 PM Students may remove projects
5:30 PM Awards Ceremony